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About me

Living in a neighborhood of tree-lined streets in Washington, DC,  the world around me finds its way into my work. Sometimes, though, I need to look further. For What's Out There? (Grosset & Dunlap), I needed to know the color of the parachute on the Viking Lander that went to Mars. Of course, there are no photographs of this landing. I called all around the country, even to NASA in Houston. Finally I found someone at the Langley Research Center in Virginia who could help me. The person I spoke to had spoken with the very person who had packed the parachute himself!  For The Way We Do It in Japan (Albert Whitman & Co.) I found someone at The Embassy of Japan to review my artwork. Sometimes the research can be just as fun as creating the artwork.


I studied illustration and design at Washington University in St. Louis. Before I began illustrating for children I designed department store ads, illustrated posters and magazine covers, and painted greeting cards for Hallmark. As a member of The Children's Book Guild of Washington, DC, I regularly converse with local authors, illustrators, librarians and book specialists, broadening my view of the children's publishing world beyond the cozy walls of my studio. I have served as president and treasurer of The Children's Book Guild. I have also been honored by my illustrations for The House in the Meadow being included in The Original Art show at The Society of Illustrators in New York City.


Presently, I am working primarily in digital format. Always anxious to learn more I am constantly experimenting with other materials. In the last several years I have studied photography, metal-smithing, printmaking and hand-bookmaking. New techniques, fun research; it all adds up to a rewarding job.

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